Strategic Planning and Commercialization

What is your mission, your vision and values? Where are you going to play and how are you going to win? Our deep-rooted knowledge of strategic planning methodologies, processes and tools allows us to help you determine and keep your course. We remain accountable to you and will remain focused and engaged through implementation and execution. From launch planning to lifecycle management we can assist.

Our services and solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate and brand planning
    • Develop new or augment existing plans and/or processes
    • Design tools and templates
    • Meeting and workshop facilitation
    • Plan compilation; implementation recommendations and project roadmap
    • Dissemination and communication
  • Market landscape assessments
    • Disease overview
    • Value proposition
    • Buying process
    • Customer/market segmentation
    • Competitive landscape
    • Forecasting
  • Strategy development
    • Desired customer behavioral objectives
    • Understanding drivers and barriers
    • Strategies and tactical plans
    • Risk management
    • Functional roadmaps
  • Marketing frameworks
    • Market/ customer segmentation
    • Analysis of product attributes
    • Customer Portrait Understanding of what motivates customer decisions
    • Positioning
    • Messaging
  • Launch planning
  • Lifecycle management